Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunshine Again


Oh it's now a lovely Sunday morning and our sun has returned.  The temperatures are warming up after that cold spell.  Still plenty of snow on the mountain and the surrounding hills, but down here below it's good weather for sitting outdoors with a book, hanging out the laundry or going for a walk.

 These are some of my weather photos from the last days which include the birds that come to visit my bird feeder.

Looking out with a zoom towards the Orotava Valley:

Yesterday was sunny too.

Our red trumpet vine is growing like a weed after we had so much rain.

I was recently in the Botanical Garden and again marvelled at the size of the Ficus Macrophylla.  
Below is one of the many photos I've taken of the tree:

Ficus Macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig)

Through the window:

Brugmansia this morning:

 This morning there was a flea market at the supermarket.

I had a good look at the brass ornaments and was tempted to buy a gazelle.  I have two lovely old brass camels which I bring out at Christmas time and have since been looking for a third one to complete the scenario of the Three Kings.  But I decided the gazelle really didn't look enough like a camel.

And so I bought two little pots of thyme for planting in my garden instead.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for dropping by and do come back again for a visit.  Until then...¡Hasta la vista!


Marysol said...

Sharon, I've always loved red trumpet vines, but, due to a brown thumb, I've never attempted to grow them, even though they seem to thrive in this area.

And I was taken aback by the size of the mega ficus tree. Can't even imagine the size of its figs [G]

It's early, and I'm being silly, of course. In any case, your photos are nothing short of spectacular!

Gary said...

Sharon, your area looks you do B&B?

Tumbit said...

I love the photo of the Tree !

Canarybird said...

Hola Sol...always so nice to see you over here. Trumpet vine will take over your garden if the conditions are right. Just give it lots of room and leave it to crawl all over. Beautiful right now at this time of the year. Un abrazo...take care. S.

Not yet Gary, :-) ...but there are certainly enough interesting plants and landscapes here to keep you and your camera busy!

Tumbit...yes the tree is a popular sight in that garden. It also grows in Australia. Thanks for your visit.


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