Sunday, January 15, 2012

Feels Like Spring

Blackbird at the feeder.

Yes they're coming around again and so I've filled the feeder trays for them and hope that I don't attract any unwanted rodents!  It seems that the little fellow I trapped and released yesterday is, by the consensus of opinion, not a mouse but rather a young rat !!!!

Anyway I have set the trap again in case he has any friends or relatives wandering around the garden, looking for a good place to nest.

And although she caught a mouse yesterday, Minnie would rather sit around the garden, posing and looking beautiful.

And it really is time now to prune the roses but they always seem to bloom so well just before pruning.  I can leave them for a couple of weeks more though.  After a pruning at this time of the year my house is full of bouquets of roses and it's wonderful.

The petunias are still flowering too.  What a warm winter we've had!

And we have TWO.....exactly two grapefruit on our tree this season.  After pruning the tree very hard last spring in an attempt to get rid of the current insect plague on the reverse of the leaves, which has been devastating the citrus crops in Canaries, we now have a tree thick with very dark green leaves and no fruit........except for these two!  

And this has been a tree that has year after year born so much fruit that we we've had to give most away.  I hope it comes back.  If not, then I would like to plant a pink grapefruit tree, as that variety is usually very juicy.

I'm off for a Sunday walk today and will be taking more photos.  We still have the end of a bout of CALIMA, which has lasted for days.  That's the weather condition where warm winds from Africa bring suspended sandy dust over to the Canary Islands, causing drier air and warmer than normal temperatures.  

Bye for now, and ¡hasta la vista!

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