Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walking Around

It's still high tourist season and the streets of Puerto de la Cruz are full of people from more northern latitudes here for the warmth and sunshine.  Seen last Sunday while out for a stroll:

 Some cafes cater more to German visitors.

Still there is a mixture of European nationalities holidaying here in winter.

The news kiosks are especially busy on weekends.

Several cafes line the seawall overlooking the north coast making it a favourite route.

Misty low hanging clouds obscuring Mount Teide.

I've been told by several people now that the mouse I trapped and released into the wild was in fact a baby rat.  I guess I haven't seen enough of either to tell the difference, however I think he must be the luckiest rat in the area to have been taken away for an early morning ride in my car and let loose, rather than having been killed.

Setting the humane trap again with bait has so far not produced any family members of this little creature so hopefully he was a loner!

Bye for now, ¡hasta la vista!


Margaret said...

So wonderful to see you back, you've made my day! Love your photos!

Canarybird said...

Thanks Margaret. Nice to see you too!

Paul said...

Hi (beerfan from TF here):

Is that pathway the one that leads onto the Apartmentos Bellavista? If so, think I know that one.

I hope the weather is still fairly palatable for the day time and isn't too rainy!

As I mentioned on the forums, I'm back in Puerto de la Cruz in a couple of weeks, so if I spot you whilst out and about (I take it your photo is an accurate representation of what you look like) I'll come and say 'hello' if you like. I'm a big tubby bloke with brown hair in his mid-twenties with a digital zoom around my neck being accompanied by a woman in her mid-fifties. :-)



Canarybird said...

Hi Paul...I've sent you a PM on the Forum with pics to show where to find the seawall. It goes from the small plaza near the San Amaro Church along the cliff to the Hotel Semiramis. Cheers.

Tenerife lover said...

Nice pictures but your start page is a bit slow to load.


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