Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carnival in Tenerife

We're in the midst of the Tenerife carnival....or carnaval, as it's written in Spanish.
Yesterday the main parade was held in the capital city, Santa Cruz and tonight is
the 'Burial of the Sardine'.

Here are some photos taken from the official carnival website, here on this link.
Credit goes to the unnamed photographer(s) 'Prensa' whose photos appear on that site and here below.

                       Here is the coronation of this year's Reina de Carnaval (Carnival Queen)

And since I love the sounds and rhythms of carnival music, here's one song that's always present...a favourite of Tenerife locals: Chicharrero de Corazon, video from 2009.


I'll be back very soon with more of my own photos taken in the streets during this carnival season.Thanks for your visit and ¡hasta la vista!


Marysol said...

Another beautiful and exciting carnaval!

Sharon, these celebrations bring to mind similar carnavales in Cuba. With their heavily-decorated carrozas, lively music and even livelier dancers. And I cannot forget the wonderful food.

But, not surprisingly, what I enjoyed most were the streamers and confetti tossed to the kids in the crowd from the floats. Silly, but true.

siga said...

Very great photos, bright and colorful. I enjoy them so much, that wish you have posted more somewhere... :)

Canarybird said...

Hola Marysol...and yes it's still going on here in our town where I'll probably be going down to the plaza to see more of it tomorrow. The parade will be in our town this afternoon.
Confetti and streamers are always fun for the kids.

What they like most is the Three Kings parade at Christmas when they throw candies from the floats. The kids then carry upturned umbrellas!

Siga...I still have more carnival photos to post. The ones so far have been from the press photographers but the next ones will be mine! Nice to see you again and thanks.

Arttu said...



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