Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Snow Came

Teide Snow on February 17

But it was just a light covering and didn't last long. Today on February 21 it's nothing more than a few white shadows in the crevices of the mountain flanks.  We haven't had rain this winter and to get a good snowfall we need a heavy rain.  Other than that the garden is still looking green, thanks to my helper Teresa who remembers to turn on the sprinkler and water the flower pots.

One of my favourite corners of the front tropical garden.

 The Osteospermum glows in the late afternoon sun.

And that special golden light just before sunset.

And now the Tenerife Carnival is in full swing, so I'd better post a few photos of the festivities.  Coming up next!

Bye for now and thanks for your visit. ¡Hasta la vista!



Gary said...

Beautiful photos Sharon, we ar soooo going to have to pay Tenerife a visit! Take care

Canarybird said...

Hi Gary...I'm sure you would love to see the garden centers as well as the natural flora here.


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