Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Streets of Puerto de la Cruz

Hello again!

Sunday, February 26th was the last day of carnival celebrations and my walking partner and I planned to go walking down into the town again.  It was a sunny warm day, 24°C  (75.2°F) and instead of heading down the stairs this time we walked down the main Botanico road.

 Walking down the Botanico road in Puerto de la Cruz.

There's a lovely little Drago tree planted in the walkway on the way down, accompanied by a couple of park benches, presumably to provide a rest for those intrepid pedestrians courageous enough to tackle the uphill walk.  Not an easy task, especially if one has been enjoying a lunch of paella and wine shortly before.  So far we have opted out and taken taxis back up the hill!

 But the uphill trek is still in our future plans. One friend of my walking pal is a man who has been doing the down and uphill walk every day for some time and as a result he has lost 25 kilos weight.

The town was still busy with tourists and costumed children wandering the streets to the distant sounds of Latin rhythms emanating from speakers down in the plaza.

Street vendors and living statues added their colour to the scene.
Here one is hoping to sell genuine handbags to the passing tourists.

And as we near the plaza we begin to hear the hum of the crowd blending in with recorded carnival music coming from loudspeakers set up on a stage on one side of the plaza.

Down in Plaza del Charco the Cafe Columbus was already filled with diners and those who chose to just sit, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of sights and sounds.

The plaza was filled with stalls selling costumes, headdresses and all manner of fancy dress.

So after browsing and doing a couple of turns around the plaza we settled down to find a table and again try out that great paella from the same chiringuito (a snack or dining stall set up on a temporary basis) where we ate last Sunday.

And here is one of the paellas nearly ready for serving.

And to put an end to carnival season, here's another video I put together from Sunday's clips.

Thanks for dropping by.  I'll be back soon with more recent photos from my life in Tenerife.

Till then, ¡hasta la vista!

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