Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Garden

I have been out of time these past weeks and have had a house guest arrive this morning.
So I'm again saying sorry for such long delays between posts.

But I did want to show some of what is in flower today in our garden.  Weather is warm and sunny and after some rain, everything is growing wildly.  Here are some photos I took just a couple of hours ago.

I hope everyone has been having a good weekend.

Like most people I know I was also glued to the television watching the miraculous rescue of the Chilean miners.  What an unbelievable feat of faith and determination combined with the engineering expertise of all involved and the leadership of the head man in the mine who kept the men alive with his belief that they would be rescued and his knowledge of survival procedures.  It was such a happy ending to what could have certainly been another tragedy and more sad news for the media to report..  Sometimes miracles do happen!

Thanks for dropping until the next one...hasta la vista!


Gary said...

Hi Canarybird,
You still have some incredible flowers in your garden don't you. Ours is just about spent now, with just the ginger lily and strangely enough the Tibouchina still going.
Your Hibiscus is stunning, do you know the variety?

Canarybird said...

Hi Gary....No...I have tried to find out the variety of that hibiscus, searching on forums and hibiscus societies but no luck yet. A couple of near misses are The Path and Norman Lee but they're not the same.
Our Tibouchina is also still in bloom as are all the roses. Must be our warm weather...still at 24C. Cheerio,


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