Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uphill Downhill

                                      Moon rising at 8 pm yesterday evening.

 I've been posting daily weather reports on a local forum and so it has encouraged me to get out and have a little walk most mornings.  Something which has always been on my must do list of things.

                                                  The Teide this morning

 My sister in Canada gets up around 5 am every morning and walks over a mile around the perimeter of a golf course.  She stays slim and looks much younger than her age!  So here in this wonderful climate I have only one excuse for not doing the same every day....the whole island is shaped like a pyramid so walking anywhere is either uphill or downhill.

The downhill is easy...although they say it's not so good for your knees.
Sometimes the downhill is in the form of stairs.

But in order to get back home after walking has to face the uphills....or jump on a bus. 

So I try to find the flat bits.  Here a childrens' playground where one can sit on a bench and read or rest.

And then for a walk through the Canary Center where white roses are still blooming and the magnificent pruned Plumeria Alba (frangipani)  gives shade to people sitting outside the deli eating tapas.

 Plumeria Alba...also known as Frangipani

And passing the German bakery window, Doris tried to tempt me with fresh Berliner jelly doughnuts!

I resist and choose instead a raisin Danish was in that empty space at left.

Well that will teach me to walk past the bakery while out for my healthy morning walk.  Next time I'll go in the other direction, as long as it's not up a steep hill!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good week and hasta la vista!

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Ashleigh said...

Oh Sharon...that is hilarious!!! I don't know that I could resist the doghnuts...My mouth is watering right now!


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