Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Sunshine

Garden Through a Glass Ball

Although this above photo was taken in August, the weather here at present is still beautiful and warm.  Temperatures are in the 20s Celcius which are 70s and 80s Fahrenheit.

Some photos from today and the past week:

La Paz area of Tenerife North

Lookout in La Paz over Puerto de la Cruz beach and town

Near Botanical Garden Puerto de la Cruz

Mount Teide on a Clear Morning

The Garden is Beautiful Now

Thanks to the night rains and the warm days, everything is blooming and the garden is full of roses.

Although it's the end of October, it looks like May, and we even have the white flies coming in swarms to settle on the newly sprouted shoots.  Guess I'll have to mix up a soap solution and wait for a sunless day to spray it on!

Have a good and safe Halloween!
Thanks for dropping by, and hasta la vista!


Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Sharon - Trying to catch up on my blog hopping. Sorry I haven't been by in a while - life kinda got in the way! I have to say, your photos are just gorgeous and it makes me a wee bit envious - what an idyllic life you seem to be having! Lucky you... sigh

Maciek said...

I am spending a couple of days in Tenerife in November. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

Ashleigh said...

Hey Sharon, What a perfect time to be in the Canaries...too bad that no one is off work to come and see it...guess you islanders will just have to manages without all the tourists around...hahaha...GREAT first photo! You are amazing with that camera of yours!

Canarybird said...

Thanks for your visit Susie. It's sure nice you took the time to come over. I enjoy following your blog and reading about life in your part of the world. You're a strong lady! Hugs.

Maciek ...I hope you'll enjoy your visit to this lovely island.

Thanks Ashleigh...the weather here is perfect right now and the tourist high season is just starting, so the streets are filling up with swallows and snowbirds coming down from Europe for their winter holidays. But I know Madrid is a fascinating place too. Would love to get up there for a short visit. Cheers,


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